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Advance Your Anesthesia Career

July 30, 2018 | 6:07 am | Info Articles
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Once a residency program has been completed, an anesthesiologist can expect to work and gain experience, usually determining what their interest is in. Once established in general practice, they are usually able to move into a specialty that they find fulfilling. Young anesthesia specialists today have to create their own unique career path by developing their skills, making strategic decisions and networking with the right people.

Advance Your Anesthesia Career

In her article titled, 6 Surefire Ways to Advance Your Healthcare Career, Brooke Chaplan outlines important steps to consider:

      Continue Your Education
      Take Initiative and Become a Leader
      Work Your Network
      Find a Mentor
      Keep it Professional
      Get Training Where You Can

She explains how many healthcare providers who fail to expand their formal education will struggle to advance their careers and almost all advanced healthcare management positions require a master’s degree. Demonstrate a level of leadership and responsibility by taking assignments seriously and asking for more from your anesthesia medical group. Also, be prepared to share credit and accept accountability for failed tasks.

Professional social networking is a great way to connect with diverse people in different disciplines. By meeting and maintaining contact with new people, healthcare providers can exchange industry information and share approaches to solving problems. Industry organizations also help you stay current of the latest practice, regulation and technology developments that are relevant to your field.

Anesthesia medical groups help to network with experienced professionals who can also act as mentors. Most anesthesia specialists enjoy opportunities to share their wisdom and experience, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Every medical group will have its own list of key components for developing professional skills and take advantage of on-site classes and cross-training opportunities to help open more doors for career advancement.

As long as there is a demand for surgery and relief from pain, there will be a need for qualified anesthesiologists. The number of surgeries has been on the rise, totaling more than 40 million a year, almost evenly split between hospitals and outpatient facilities.

Medical Anesthesia Consultants is an established anesthesia medical group in northern California and we are here to support you now and as you move forward in the profession.


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