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Anesthesia Specialists in Northern California for Cosmetic Surgery

March 15, 2016 | 11:22 am | Info Articles

If you are intending to operate a plastic surgery clinic, you must make sure that you are going to be well-invested not only in the technology and general logistics, but also in the professionals that you will hire. One of these professionals that you cannot afford to exclude from your medical team would be an anesthesiologist.


You would find that having certified anesthesia specialists in Northern California as part of a plastic surgery clinic has a huge, positive impact on would-be clients. As you may very well know, there is a lot of concern about the pain that they may encounter during the procedure, precisely because they will be going under the knife for nips and tucks in many cases for several hours.

Anesthesiologist for a Pain-Free Procedure

If you are an entrepreneur only looking to finance a plastic surgery clinic, but are not necessarily with medical knowledge or experience, then you should first have a clear understanding of what anesthesiologists actually do.

Essentially, they administer the anesthesia to the patient. More than this, though, it is important that they are able to explain to the patient why they will be getting the anesthesia, what they can expect from its effects, and what kind of administration (local/ general/ regional/ intravenous sedation) will they be receiving.

Different from Anesthetists

If you want to ensure credibility for your business with a high quality medical team, you would want to make sure that you will be getting board certified anesthesiologists. This is important because having this certification means that the anesthesiologist is a full-fledged medical doctor.

Often confused with anesthesiologists are anesthetists who, while also able to administer anesthesia, are actually nurses. The difference is in the specialization and training that the two will need to complete for their studies.

An anesthesiologist will need to go through the rigors of medical school, pass the board, become doctors, and then specialize in anesthesiology. Anesthetists, on the other hand, need to complete their bachelor’s degree in nursing before undergoing a two to three-year nurse-anesthesia training.

Building the Right Team

If you are still on the lookout for someone who can fill in the position for your plastic surgery clinic’s medical team, you can look into an anesthesia medical group in Northern California like Medical Anesthesia Consultants Medical Group, Inc. These companies can provide for you the right anesthesia specialist that would surely be a valuable addition to your cosmetic surgery team.



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