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Anesthesia Specialists in Northern California: Improving Patient Care

February 26, 2016 | 1:44 pm | Info Articles
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When people think of anesthesia, they think of a quick poke and prod into the patient’s vein, and that the anesthesia provider has an easy job to do with few complicated duties. In reality, this field of medicine is complex and always changing as the world changes. Look at two ways that an anesthesia medical group in Northern California or anywhere else can improve the quality of patient care.

Post-Operative Care is Important

Medical researchers in the field of anesthesia are finding better ways to analyze post-operative care. More anesthetists are using the Post-operative Quality Recovery Scale (PQRS) to analyze the satisfaction levels of patients after the operation. They are realizing that many people are dissatisfied with the way they feel several days after being discharged. Researchers have found that less than half of them feel fully recovered after a few days. The PQRS is a brief yet comprehensive survey that helps patents and medical providers.

Improving Patient Care

Teleanesthesia is Possible

Many people have heard about telemedicine, a method of administering medicine over long distances. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists use this system to communicate with patients who are not able to make in-person visits. They can lecture patients, scan medical documents, write out prescriptions and perform surgeries using telecommunication tools.

Recently, a team of doctors has performed the first known teleanesthesia operation in Italy. The doctors and the patient were in two different locations, but the patient was able to receive a healthy dosage of anesthesia, and the operation was successful. The intravenous drugs were administered using automatic remote control technology.

Medical researchers are looking for ways to increase their usage of teleanesthesia. They are working to treat patients who cannot or will not see the doctor in person. They are also finding remote methods to prepare patients before the operation occurs.

Teleanesthesia has not become a formal definition of medical books, but it is still possible. With time and research, the technique could become more useful in the future.

Technology is becoming more advanced, and patients’ needs will never stay the same. As a result, anesthesia specialists in Northern California are always looking to make improvements. The area of patient care is guaranteed to improve as medical providers look for better ways to treat patients.

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