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Anesthesia Specialists in Northern California Provide Support to ASCs

August 3, 2016 | 10:50 am | Info Articles
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Everyone deserves excellent medical care, but the truth is that not everyone can afford it. According to The New York Times, even a simple procedure like stitching up a wound could cost as much as $2,200.

Surgery, on the other hand, can cost a patient anywhere from $30,000 to $20,000. Is it any surprise, then, why medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcies in the country?

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More Affordable Surgery

In recent decades, however, a more affordable means of providing surgery to patients has emerged: ambulatory surgery centers (ASC). According to the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA), such medical facilities can help not just patients but also the country save about $2.6 billion in healthcare costs because surgery costs are cheaper in these facilities. For instance, the average cataract removal costs $193 at ASCs, while costing up to $490 in a hospital.

The Challenges with ASCs

Despite the growth in popularity of ASCs, however, operators know that there are also challenges ahead. To begin with, as more and more patients get surgery at such facilities, expansion becomes less a possibility and more of a necessity.

But more than that, ASCs have a hard time recruiting and keeping talented doctors, especially those that offer specialized services such as anesthesiologists. After all, both hospitals and ASCs draw from the same pool of doctors in an area.

Luckily, there are companies like Medical Anesthesia Consultants Medical Group, Inc. which provide anesthesia specialists in Northern California. In a nutshell, these firms can help ASCs and other smaller medical practices assemble a top-notch team of perioperative specialists without hurting their bottom line.

The affiliated anesthesiology physicians can assist in a wide variety of surgeries, providing general to cardiac anesthesia. They also work closely with partner facilities so that they are almost part of the team.

In other words, ASCs no longer have to hire in-house anesthesiologists, which can be a huge investment. With the help of a trusted anesthesia medical group in Northern California, they can tap a network of experienced specialists without having to worry about overhead costs such as salaries, benefits, and office space. Furthermore, they can hire as many or as few anesthesiologists as a certain case requires.

At a time when medical costs are higher than ever, ASCs offer hope to people who need and deserve excellent healthcare. With the help of anesthesia medical medical groups, such facilities can continue to provide hospital-quality pain management while also ensuring profitability–a win-win situation indeed. Of course, always work with trusted firms such as Medical Anesthesia Consultants Medical Group, Inc. to get the best doctors on the job.


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