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Anesthesia Specialists Will Still Serve Northern California Practices

October 4, 2016 | 9:06 am | Info Articles
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There’s no denying that being a doctor is still one of the most respected jobs in the country. Not coincidentally, it’s also one of the most lucrative. As many in the healthcare industry know, a major shift has occurred in the way doctors practice their profession. In 2008, about 62% of all physicians were independent practitioners, compared to 35% by 2014.

This trend is largely influenced by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, which offers attractive incentives for the consolidation of the healthcare industry–part of its goal to provide more inclusive medical care for the citizenry.

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On the flip side, hospitals are also looking to build a more permanent stable of physicians who can accommodate the influx of patients brought about by ACA. Subsequently, hospitals are shelling out money to attract more doctors by buying out their private practices or offering hefty signing bonuses for top talent.

The Allure of Private Practice

Regardless, many doctors still prefer to practice on their own. They enjoy the autonomy of being in private practice; if you work at a hospital, you’re basically a salaried employee and you have to comply with rote procedures dictated by administrators.

Moreover, consolidation doesn’t always make for affordable health care, as ACA mandates. The bigger the facility, the higher its overhead costs and the more expensive its medical services become. According to Forbes, a heart ultrasound from a private practice typically costs around $189, compared to $453 at hospitals.

Most importantly, those in private practice often foster closer, more intimate relationships with patients, which also results in better health outcomes. A 2014 study from the Commonwealth Fund found that patients who visit a private practice are at a considerably lower risk of going to the hospital for a preventable disease.

Crucial Support

Of course, deciding to enter private practice does not mean you won’t have access to top-notch anesthesia specialists in Northern California.

One can always contract a trusted anesthesia medical group in Northern California to provide highly skilled anesthesiologists for specific patient cases. Such services are ideal for cosmetic surgeons, cardiothoracic specialists, and other specialized private practices where hiring an in-house pain management expert would not make sound business sense.

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