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Hire an Experienced Anesthesia Medical Group to Ensure Patient Safety

October 5, 2015 | 10:00 am | Info Articles
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People who go into a hospital or clinic for medical procedures, such as surgery, are automatically at risk of potential complications due to the complex nature of the procedures and their associated tasks. Administering anesthesia is one of these tasks. Though it is generally safe, it could have negative results if done by inexperienced hands. As a hospital administrator, you want to ensure that every procedure in your facility will be well carried out, and administering anesthesia is no exception.


Types of Anesthesia and Their Risks

There are three ways to give anesthesia to a patient. Local anesthesia is used when only a small area needs to be numbed for a simple procedure, such as in the case of a tooth extraction. It’s the least-risky of the three anesthesia procedures, but improper application can result in bleeding and infection.

Regional anesthesia is done when a section of the body, such as the legs or arms, needs to be operated on. One of the problems that could arise from this method is the spinal block, which occurs when too much anesthesia is injected into a person’s spine. This results in muscular paralysis, which can lead to death.

General anesthesia is the type that puts a patient completely under. This is the riskiest, and one of the possible results of a mishandling is an allergic reaction or an anaphylaxis, an allergy that is potentially fatal.

Why Expert Anesthesiologists Are Ideal

All of these complications can be avoided if the drug is administered by anesthesia specialists. Unlike inexperienced technicians and new anesthesiologists, experts are more adept with the steps to take to achieve a smooth operation. Experienced anesthesiologists know how to interview patients regarding their allergy history, how to apply the anesthesia properly in various situations, and how to respond if something goes wrong.

Experienced anesthesiologists also potentially lessen the risks because of their knowledge, training and experience. For instance, an anesthesia medical group in Northern California, like Medical Anesthesia Consultants Medical Group, Inc., provides anesthesia services for different conditions, including pediatric, neurosurgical, gastrointestinal, cardiac, orthopedic and obstetric procedures.

Ensure Patient Safety and Avoid Lawsuits

Although high-quality anesthesia services may be more expensive than most, they are well worth the cost if your goal is to avoid medical accidents. In the right hands, anesthesia is easy to deal with and has few risks. Hire a reputable anesthesia management team to ensure patient safety and avoid malpractice lawsuits.

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