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Is Anesthesiology Right for Your Personality

January 8, 2019 | 8:14 pm | Info Articles
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Many anesthesiologists describe their field as fast-paced and intellectually demanding, yet amenable to family life, with intense high-pressure workdays offset by ample personal time. Knowing this, personality traits may be associated with success in the anesthesiology specialty.

Anesthesiology Personality

One of the biggest decisions every physician makes in their career is selecting a specialty. There’s no denying that certain personality traits tend to match up with anesthesia specialists. Despite the adaptability of an anesthesiology career, the requirements to enter the field are strict. Only those with specific interests, aptitudes and personality traits should consider the specialty, anesthesiologists say.

Today, anesthesiologists have many practice options with varying hours and flexibility by practicing within an anesthesia medical group or at a surgery center. It appeals to results-driven individuals, who like to see the fruits of their labors immediately. With patients’ lives hanging in the balance, anesthesiologists must be extremely observant and able to think and act very fast. They must be detail-minded and always well-prepared should something go awry.

A decade ago, a milestone study in management sciences showed that “Emotional Intelligence” (EI) – defined by the psychological dimensions of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills – affects the performance of leaders. EI has been described as helping to “provide the fundamental groundwork” to ensure that operating room leadership promotes high-quality and safe patient care.

As leaders in perioperative medicine, anesthesiologists must also possess reliable strategies for self-management to cope with variable and demanding daily work requirements.

What It Takes

Anesthesiologists constitute a major component of critical care medicine, so individuals considering anesthesiology, or anesthesiologists wanting their career to thrive, need to have an aptitude, as well as passion, for caring for patients with life-threatening conditions. This includes always being up to meeting new patients and helping with their pain and being very good at looking at complicated issues critically and ready to jump in and take immediate action.


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