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Qualities Needed to Join a Team of Excellent Anesthesia Physicians

January 4, 2017 | 9:09 am | Info Articles
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Anesthesiology is not an easy career, but it’s definitely an exciting and rewarding profession. It takes hard work and a unique set of characteristics to become successful in this field. More often than not, you must work with and learn from fellow anesthesia physicians in Northern California to expand your skills. Knowing the qualities you need to develop throughout your career will give you the necessary focus.

Sense of Teamwork

An anesthesiologist is always part of a medical team. To care for a patient properly, you need to collaborate well with surgeons, internists, family practitioners, and other types of physicians. You have to develop a strong sense of teamwork to do your job efficiently. Knowing how to deal with different personalities during emergencies will take you a long way in this career.

Team of Excellent Anesthesia Physicians

Strong Interpersonal Skills

Your interaction with patients is limited. In fact, you may only have a chance to talk to them right before a surgery. Given this, you need strong interpersonal skills so that you can easily build rapport with your patient. Doing so will help you earn their trust with ease, alleviating their worries and making them feel that they’re in good hands. Also, you have to learn how to communicate properly. This way, you can explain medical terms, situations, and procedures to patients in a way that they can easily understand.

Physical Strength

It’s not enough that you have all the knowledge for applying anesthesia and pain management to patients. You also need to be physically strong. Stamina is important when you have to work long and irregular hours. Sometimes an anesthesiologist may work for 60 hours a week. They may also be on call for emergency surgeries. Anesthesiologists usually stand and sit in an operating room for hours, which requires endurance and a body condition conducive to such a physical demand.

Manual dexterity is important, too. Since you will have to insert various medical instruments, such as an intravenous line, an endotracheal tube, and a spinal catheter, your hands should be steady and skilled in such technical tasks.

Possessing all these qualities will not only make you a worthy anesthesiologist, but increase your chances of joining and learning from a trusted anesthesia medical group in Northern California such as Medical Anesthesia Consultants. Being a member of such a group will help you enhance your skills and lead to collaboration with good physicians while treating an increasing number of patients.


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