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The Secret to Anesthesia Physicians’ Teamwork in Northern California

September 12, 2017 | 8:18 am | Info Articles
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In the healthcare industry, good communication leads to successful treatments, especially true in an operating room where lives lie in the balance. Research indicates that 88 percent of all surgeons believe their professional relationship with their anesthesiologist carries a significant effect on how an operation or medical treatment should proceed. This is why a positive relationship and teamwork must be reinforced from both sides.

Some of the following steps prove beneficial to the working relationship between a surgeon and anesthesia physicians in Northern California.

Infuse a Sense of Team in the Procedure

It might sound a bit hokey, but gathering in a circle before the start of a medical procedure carries an important benefit. Not only does it instill a sense that each person fills a vital role in something much bigger, but it also allows each team member to discuss their role or plan in carrying out the procedure.

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For example, an anesthesia physician may tell the team about the type of medications he will administer to the patient during the procedure. Everyone then knows potential sources of particular problems, should they ever arise. This background knowledge stands to improve an issue immediately without harming the patient.

A Fluid Line of Communication

Though it is the surgeon’s job to lead the operation and delegate other members of the team, the anesthesiologist should also speak up during the procedure, if not only to tell everyone that the patient is doing fine. This is because the surgeon’s attention is focused on the patient and it is the anesthesiologist’s job to monitor the status of the patient and report any concerning indicators. Miscommunication during a procedure can cost a life.

Share a Common Goal

If every member of the team is briefed and pointed toward a common goal, the medical procedure goes much smoother. For example, the team should strive for a patient’s optimal healing. Each member then uses extreme precision toward such goal.

As a surgeon or an anesthesiologist, working with other professionals is inescapable and imperative. Both therefore take great pride in finding support and purpose in such associations, such as those belonging to an anesthesia medical group in Northern California. Working with a good team can help you improve in your chosen field and reach a new height in your career.


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