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Ways to Improve Teamwork Between Surgeons and Anesthesia Physicians

May 10, 2017 | 10:38 am | Info Articles
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Communication between surgeons and anesthesiologists is the key to successful operations. In fact, 88% of surgeons said that their professional relationship with the anesthesiologist significantly affects the way they handle a medical procedure. Both parties need a mutual and deep understanding of the anesthesia, surgical plans and all the stages of the surgery. They can only achieve that understanding through proper communication and teamwork.

There are ways to enhance communication between the two. As an anesthesiologist, you need to learn these to boost your potential and take your career to the next level.

Team Huddle and Time-Out

It’s necessary to have a team huddle to prepare for the operation and a time-out just before the surgery actually starts. The huddle is for the surgical team to discuss the plan and the time-out is for holding a final check to ensure that everything and everyone is on the right track. Anesthesia physicians must know the duration and all the expectations for the procedure. This way, they can prepare and prevent problems from arising.

Surgeons and Anesthesia Physicians

Constant Communication

It’s important for surgeons and anesthesiologists to keep communication lines open during surgery. In case something unexpected happens, both parties can work together to find the source of the problem and fix it. It would also help if both parties explain what they’re doing to ensure that everyone is updated on the patient’s status. Miscommunication during surgery can affect the outcome and put the patient in danger.

Aim for Perfection

If everyone in the team strives for perfection, there’s a higher chance for excellent outcomes. Complications are possible but as long as everyone prepares and tries to do everything right, the surgery can be flawless.

Perfection can only be achieved through teamwork, however. No matter how good the surgeon or the anesthesiologist is, without teamwork and proper communication, problems may arise and the team may not be able to address it immediately.

Being an anesthesiologist requires you to work well with other people. That’s why you need a team that can help you improve the qualities and skills needed to partner with surgeons. Joining an excellent anesthesia medical group can provide the training you need to improve in your chosen field.


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